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Americans love buying personalized and unique gifts and that’s why crafting is very popular in the United States. Starting a business like this is without a doubt an excellent idea, especially for those who really have talent and are inclined to arts. If you want to buy this sort of items for you and your friends then we will present you in this article the best American craft company. Have a look at the below information and see what this company actually has to offer.


You are probably quite curious to find out what company we are talking about. Therefore, we will reveal the mystery and we really hope that it will interest you. We are talking about American Crafts, a business that has become these days very successful not only in America but around the world as well. Steve and Alma Mitchell are the founders, and they gave birth to this company in 1994. One year later, their two sons accompanied them to this amazing journey. Together, they step by step built the company into a successful business in a very short period of time. They were initially specializing in pen manufacturing, and they used to produce a large range of gel and ink pens and markers. However, they decided to do something totally different and their idea wasn’t a bad one absolutely at all.


In the late 1990s, the owners decide to focus very well on creating innovative and extremely well-designed products for the emerging scrapbooking industry. Since they made this decision, the business has steadily expanded its product offering. Therefore, it became a trendsetter along the way. In 2009, the company acquired the Pebbles Inc. brand, and two years later the Crate Paper brand, to provide to their clients an even larger variety of products to scrapbookers. The best thing about this American craft company is that it offers fresh and clean product design as well as personalized customer service. Its products come in vibrant and cheerful colors and with a contemporary feel.


There are many other craft companies located in the United States but this one is on top of the list, and this is not our conclusion but customers’. We want to highly recommend it to you due to the fact that it has plenty of good reviews online, from happy and loyal customers, and due to the fact that its products are not only unique but extremely high-quality as well. Anyone who designs all sort of crafts knows how important is to use top-quality items in order to obtain the desired result, and that’s why we wanted to talk in this article about this company. This short presentation will help anyone who is interested in this field, to make a great investment.


Anyone who is interested in buying some lovely craft items yet extremely wonderful should confidently have a look at the American Crafts’ official website for more information regarding their products. We are sure that you will quickly be impressed by what this company offers and you will soon do some shopping.

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