Easy Christmas Crafts that Americans Love

There are plenty of people all over the world who create all sort of crafts, most of them truly amazing. In the United States, crafting is a very popular activity for adults and children as well. We would like to show you in this article some easy Christmas crafts that Americans absolutely love, and which you should also go for.


Snow Globes

Do you want something truly amazing and unique for this Christmas? If yes, then you should create your own snow globes. For this work of art you will need some small jars, a little toy to put inside, glycerin, glitter, heavy duty glue, and needle nose pliers. The cost for all these items will be very low and the entire procedure will not take you more than an hour, depending on how many snow globes you actually want to create. By using your hot glue gun, you must add a bit of hot glue on the bottom of your tot. Once you do so, use the needle nose pliers for putting it down into your jar where you actually want it. Let the glue dry for about 15 minutes. Then you must fill the jar with water, add a bit of glycerin in it and a pinch of glitter. This is everything you need to do in order to obtain some amazing snow globes that your children will absolutely love.

Christmas Tree Garland

Add a bit of magic to your Christmas tree by creating some wonderful garlands. In order to create them, you will need stiff felt in 3 different colors, clothespins, pom poms, string/twine, glue, and large yarn needle. First of all, you need to stack the felt on top of each other. Make sure you leave an inch room between each sheet. Then you must trace out a triangle and cut out the pieces to us as templates. Cut out the remaining felt in order to actually create as many Christmas tree garlands as you want. Glue felt pieces onto the tops and allow to dry. Poke the string through the middle of these garlands and let your children add them to the Christmas tree. They look absolutely amazing.

Lighted Burlap Garland

This is another easy Christmas craft that Americans absolutely love. In this country, crafting is very popular and an extremely pleasant activity for adults and children alike. Therefore, you should also put this idea into practice in order to add a bit of uniqueness to your Christmas decorations. You will need a 2-inch red burlap ribbon, 2-inch green burlap ribbon, 2.5-inch natural burlap ribbon, white mini lights, and scissors. Cut the burlap into 10-inch pieces, then cut the pieces down the vertically down the middle. Choose a pattern that you like in the order you want your colors to show. Once you do so you must tie those burlap strips around the wire. Therefore, you now have a stunning lighted burlap garland which will surely impress your guests.


All the above easy Christmas crafts that American love, are extremely easy to make and most of all very attractive and unique. Make some time this Christmas and create them in order to add some originality to your Christmas tree and your house.

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