Tips for Starting a Craft Club in the US

Are you passionate about crafting and you also love getting together with friends? If so, then an excellent idea would be to combine both these activities and start a crafting club. These clubs are an excellent way to enjoy a night out with like-minded people while actually doing an activity that you love. Studies have shown that those people who have social ties are a lot happier than the ones who don’t. Furthermore, they are also a lot healthier and live longer. However, if you are interested in this, then here are some useful tips for starting a craft club in the US.


What Type of Craft Do You Want to Make?

Before you actually do anything else you must decide exactly what type of craft you want to make. Is your club going to make just one particular craft or will it cover many genres of crafting? There are people who are interested in just one area of crafting such as rubber stamping, jewelry making, and so on, whereas others are interested in all types of artistic pursuits. Therefore, you need to decide what will be the main focus of your group. Another important aspect is that you must also decide if you will make presentations of craft techniques and who the instructor will be.

How Often Do You Want to Meet?

You must determine how often the participants will actually meet. Most clubs of this type meet once or twice a month, but if all of you are extremely passionate crafters, then you might consider meeting more often. The number of meetings is certainly not set in stone and it can change as the needs of the members change.

Will You Be Charged for the Supplies?

This is also essential to know. Will your club offer all the necessary supplies or will the members going to bring their own? In case the club will bring the supplies, then someone must definitely be in charge of collecting money. On the other hand, if the members are buying the craft items, then someone must print the supply list and distribute it at the meetings.

What Type of Crafters Are You Targeting?

Are you targeting beginners or are you looking for advanced crafters? Determine on what category your focus is going to be. Once you have made a decision, the next important step is to decide the level of craft expertise you want to receive from your members. You can either have detailed high-level projects or you could welcome individuals with all levels of expertise.

Where Will the Meetings Be Held?

Since you are going to be a few members, you must definitely have a meeting place. Potential locations are senior centers, community centers, park districts, and so on. For example, in the United States is a major craft store chain that offers free space for crafters to meet and a sommunity service, which is an absolutely wonderful idea. In case your club chooses to attend a location like this, then you must make sure you highly appreciate their generosity by getting your craft supplies at their store.

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